Agreement & Authorization:

All users of RentCafé/CondoCafé accounts at Kass Management buildings are providing data and contact information for the express purpose of using the resident portal Kass Management has setup. The Site serves as a platform for property managers and owners to provide Services to tenants and Owners. You are responsible for how you use the site and any information that you enter or upload on the site. Kass Management is also not liable for what other individuals put on the site.

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Tenants of a Kass Management Rental Apartment Community only-

I, the Applicant, represent to you, Kass Management Services Inc. that I have read and understand this entire application and I certify that all of the information in this application is true and correct. I hereby apply for and offer to lease the apartment described for the lease term stated, at the rent and on the conditions set forth herein and in your standard lease form. I understand that no pets are allowed without prior written approval. I understand that, as is customary in the business, in compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act, routine inquiries may be made concerning my tenancy. I hereby authorize you, your agents and any consumer or credit reporting agency employed by you to investigate and make or obtain a report about me which may include information as to my credit and financial responsibility, general reputation, and mode of living. The investigation may include information obtained through personal interviews concerning you or person(s) intended to reside in the apartment, number of children, employment, occupation, litigation/criminal history, habits, and reputation mode of living and residence verification. I further represent that my rental and credit records are in good standing. I understand that this application is subject to your approval. I understand that my $69.00 application fee and any applicable payment processing fees are non-refundable. I also understand that this is not a lease and if my application is accepted, I agree to sign your lease form currently in use. I further understand that providing false information to you in this application is a basis for you to terminate that lease at any time as provided by law. Within 48 hours of receipt of notification of my applications acceptance & lease being offered for signature, I hereby agree to sign your lease and complete the -payment and or completion of any rent (including but not limited to first month’s rent), fees, contracts, guarantees and or documents that may apply or are required for tenancy. I hereby acknowledge that if the payment is not made and the lease is not received by Kass within 48 hours of notification of acceptance of my application & lease being offered for signature, I forfeit my right to rent the unit I have applied for. I also hereby acknowledge that if after acceptance I fail to complete this transaction, any and all payments will be forfeited to Kass Management Services Inc. to us as liquidated damages. If for any reason whatsoever you are unable to make the apartment which is the subject of this application available at the beginning of the lease term, I hereby waive any and all rights to seek to recover any damages whatsoever against you, including without limitation, actual, punitive or consequential damages to the extent permitted by federal, state and local law. KASS MANAGEMENT SERVICES INC. DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE ON THE BASIS OF RACE, COLOR, SEX, AGE, RELIGION, DISABILITY, NATIONAL ORIGIN, ANCESTRY, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, MARITAL STATUS, PARENTAL STATUS, MILITARY DISCHARGE STATUS, AND SOURCE OF INCOME. Further, if that amount due includes the last month’s rent or security deposit, I will pay that amount as directed separate from any amount required for initial rent. By signing this application, I the applicant for the unit listed above verify that I have seen the unit and/or waive my right to viewing the unit prior to completing this lease transaction.